“I am neither a prophet, nor the son of a prophet, but I foresee SmartChurch providing the services that churches of all sizes need. Not only is the product impressive, but the customer service is quick, knowledgeable, and super-helpful.”

- Caleb Cangelosi, Pastor, Pear Orchard Presbyterian Church - Ridgeland, MS

“Smart Church is a great app!  It allows the church to keep up on Twitter or Facebook. I love it because I can type it in one place and send it to all of our communication avenues.”

- Justin A. Likens, Pastor, Westlake Baptist Church - Moneta, VA

SmartChurch has enormous potential to connect the people in your church to one another. Because it’s completely secure, it goes far beyond what Facebook and other social networks offer. You can assure the people in your church that their data is safe…My congregation is enjoying SmartChurch…The support people and developers are extremely responsive and clearly have a heart for helping churches do our work more efficiently…this will be worth the time and energy it takes.

- David Flowers, Pastor, Wildwind Church - Flint, MI

“Phone calls can turn into rabbit trails and texting everyone is too slow. We believe using the SmartChurch App will revolutionize our church’s information highway. “

- Roger Barker, Pastor, The Rock Community Church of Concord - Concord, NC

“…An excellent media tool for Church Leadership to communicate with the people and for the people to communicate with each other and Church Leadership.   It is simple and easy to download to your smartphone or tablet and very easy to setup and use. I can, and do, recommend this app.”

- Rev. Arthur M. Yates, Pastor, Fairview Free Methodist Church - Moss, TN

“Too many channels. Too much noise. It’s getting harder and harder for the church to communicate with its people. We have decided to focus on just one…Smart Church Premium. The smart phone access is great. But when the premium version offered online access also, well….we were sold. And there’s more…lots more. Why would you NOT do this?” 

- Mark Doebler, Pastor, Second Chance Church - Peoria, IL

“SmartChurch is a first class mobile app! So whether you are sharing information, planning an event or simply staying touch with your congregation… Use SmartChurch to get the job done!”

- Mike Meshaw, Pastor, Grace Church - Greenville, NC

“I use the Smartchurch app at our church and it works great for us . It is very simple to use and it connects your Twitter, Facebook and email with just a click. It is a great tool for our church.”

- Jimmy McMillian, Pastor, Baptist Tabernacle - Lagrange, GA

“I love the SmartChurch app! I use it with the youth at church, and I love the way it helps all to stay in touch. Everyone should be using this!”

- Keith Stevens, Pastor, Full Gospel Outreach in Temple, TX